Hi. I’m Seth. That’s me in the picture below, walking into a dive bar in Clinton, Massachusetts. That’s where I came up with the idea for the INMATE brand.

I was sitting at the bar and had a vision of someone walking in wearing a bright orange hoodie with the word INMATE emblazoned on it, front and back, and doing a double take wondering if the person was a real convict or not. A little humorous. A little cerebral. Another idea that I did nothing with. 

Then the pandemic brought new meaning to the concept. As we left lockdown, who hasn’t felt like a prisoner? Trapped. Locked in. I wanted to create something to express the mood we felt.

Prison Garb makes INMATE apparel for everyone. We take the core elements of state-issued incarceration wear and integrate them with the highest quality materials and construction. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about the INMATE brand.

Clinton Bar

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